About Me

   Hi  I'm. Srikanth      

                          The Passion that makes my life so enthusiastic  is photography, the passion of heart. The only thing in my life that goes on my own accord without any distractions and diffusions.

   In the earlier days photography to me was just capturing the perfect landscapes, best moments of life ,a perfect sunrise or sunset, capturing a rare flower  The moments which occur  just  for a few seconds in a day .I was depressed as I couldn’t afford of exploring the world  to take the best shots as my dad’s pocket doesn’t permit it. The hardest effort my father could afford of was buying a cyber shot for me. I thought I was out of photography; it’s all about buying the best cameras and accessories, capturing high edge scapes and mashing parties.

                                I thought I’m done and started exploring the best photos on web. Inspiringly I found that every successful photographer is in a mindset that captures the minute moments of their life. Photography to them was not just capturing the best but capturing the life, every successful second of life that was passed. I find myself asking how many moments like these have passed in my life. How many special days and special moments of my life, the book I read, the early sunrise from an unfinished shed, the fog of the winter, the very minute smile of my siblings. what I really need is all surrounded by me .The Nature and the day I spend ,my 24 x 7 schedule and the things that really light me up.

                                    Today photography to me was about connection and reconnecting myself  to me, it’s all about reconnecting myself with life, reconnecting with the sun and the wind, reconnecting  with grass and the flowers and showers of rain, it’s all about connecting myself to the imperfect world in a perfect sense to make  heaven in myself.

                          It’s all about finding me again in the lost lands of happiness, where relations blossom like the rose, people connect like creepers and grow happiness. It’s all about digging my old memories of joy with nature where the friends of me show me a lesson on each and every frame to uplift my inner in me. It’s all about gathering the real happiness which was scattered in this desert (the present shit world). It was all about the inspiring stuff that motivate me all the time to find out the perfect stuff from all the imperfections.

                  Today I find people asking me what was the reward for your work done? The seconds lost? The money spent? What as student of C.A you gain from photography. How far it helps you to advance in career. Are you paid for this, if not why do u do so?

                                Yeah...!!!  I was paid not in the monetary terms but in the way of comments and likes that one does on my photos. If find my reward in people inspiring their life from my shots. The laughs on funny photos, the inspirations quote that light up one’s day, the poetry in the sunrise, the rhythm in their heart that inspired to start a career in photography. There is my reward, my reward in you. You the reader who took time read this amateur photographers story, the feelings of a mad insane, mad joyous, mad happy photographer. A photographer who never looks back, who can’t wait for what’s coming up, who sees possibilities in the future.